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This site contains information on WebRTC and basically explains everything you need to know regarding WebRTC. Here you can find free Tools to help you start building your project. We will NOT dive into deep details about this technology because we think that there are a lot of sites that do exactly that. Instead, we will let you start building your application / website / android app.
With WebRTC you can build video conferences, voice chats, streaming servers, real time communications and more.

webrtc Tools is a collection of tools that will let you easily create your video chat app or website.

webrtc Tools is a collection of tools that will let you easily create your video chat app or website.

Why use WebRTC.Tools?

How about giving your customers a richer experience by bringing them together through a live video chat- on your site!
With WebRTC.Tools- you can build a custom video chat experience in less than 1 minute!
Using our quick and easy setup, all you need to do is copy/paste a few lines of code. Meaning, You can directly embed the code in your website. Server side implementation is automatic, saving you valuable development hours.
You can even create multiple private video chat rooms, no download necessary!
WebRTC.Tools includes a dynamic automatic system which connects individuals in private video chat rooms for group consultations. You and your customers do not need to download anything because WebRTC.Tools supports all browsers across the web. This gives you a quick and simple solution to be in touch with your customers.
You can choose which features you need- video conferences, voice chats, streaming servers, real time communications and more. No installation required! Receive an unlimited number of private video chat rooms. Do not worry about Server side- WebRTC.Tools includes a fully hosted solution!

WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communication. Today it is one of the hottest topics in all the telecom industry.
WebRTC is a combination of 2 standards: an IETF-driven “media engine” and a set of IP network protocols (for real-time communications) plus an API invented by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) enabling browser-to-browser applications, allowing voice calling, video chat, and peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing without plug-ins! Firefox, Chrome and Opera support Webrtc. This ability for users communicating through their browsers in real time with using their microphone and camera without any proprietary plug-ins is a major innovation. It bridges gaps between browsers, devices and platforms.
WebRTC is a very powerful tool as it requires no mandatory login, downloads, installations or add-ons. That being said, WebRTC is now moving beyond browsers, appearing in SDKs for native mobile apps.
Businesses are now discovering new opportunities to engage their customers through Webrtc. This ability to add communication features opens a lot of doors for new marketing opportunities.
This data gathering and machine-to-machine communication is by far only the first stage of IoT integration and WebRTC is the next trend in IoT functionality, while focusing on a two-way communication between companies and users. This communication can be by video, audio or a combination of both and is encrypted for maximum security.
WebRTC is also common in video surveillance systems, which can typically be divided into 2 categories: cloud and point to point. Point to point has a number of issues, for example low stability of video transmissions, inability of taking real-time actions and also local data storage, which make loss of recorded videos- more acute issue. In these cases- the cloud becomes the right solution, storing well-structured sets of video recordings provided by any monitoring device, as WebRTC can be implemented for video streaming in real time.
Regarding security, WebRTC is handy when talking about smart biometric authentications. The role of WebRTC is to stream data to a server for recognition, while not overloading the front end.

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